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Racial justice remains one of the most pressing moral issues of our times -- requiring proactive and diverse policy solutions. One of my top priorities is reforming our broken criminal justice system that disproportionately impacts communities of color. I believe any comprehensive reform effort must include repeal of our state's costly, racist, and ineffective sentencing laws, as well as a plan to take the savings generated by reform and reinvest them in the communities that have been most heavily impacted by both crime and the failed War on Drugs.

Closing opportunity and achievement gaps in our schools is another critical lever for racial justice. That's why I've filed the Foundation Budget Review Commission Bill -- to implement the recommendations of a bipartisan commission that called for a new commitment in the 21st century to tackling these persistent gaps in Massachusetts. I've also helped shepherd to passage new laws to prohibit the overuse of school expulsion and suspension, and to reform Massachusetts' system for English language education.

I've  filed legislation to ban racial profiling and start tracking data on pedestrian and traffic stops, so we can identify and combat racial disparities. In the budget, I support measures to build wealth and small business ownership in communities of color across our state. And I've fought successfully for laws to strengthen our state' sown procurement with minority-owned businesses.


Framingham Source

The Advisory Group will be chaired by Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz, a member of the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus.

Senate President Spilka Forms Senate Advisory Group on Racial Justice

Jun 10, 2020

Jamaica Plain News

State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz was among elected officials of color to speak at a press conference on Tuesday outside of the State House.

Elected Officials of Color Present 10-Point Plan to Combat Systemic Racism in Policing & Police Brutality

By David Ertischek | Jun 04, 2020


“We ask you to stand with us and actively fight for these proposals to protect men and women of color — many of which we’ve tried to move for years,” Chang-Diaz said.

state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, and state Rep. Nika Elugardo were among elected officials of color to speak at a press conference on Tuesday outside of the State House

By Nik DeCosta-Klipa | Jun 03, 2020

Boston Globe

If we’re waiting for consensus, we’re waiting too long. Consensus is a luxury for politicians that poor and minority residents can’t afford.

Mass. Legislature must protect low-income and minority populations from coronavirus

By Sonia Chang-Díaz, Maria Robinson, and Liz Miranda | Apr 15, 2020




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