Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz on the Student Opportunities Act, which is the first major overhaul of school funding in more than 25 years.

Baker Signs First Major School Funding Overhaul Since 1993

By Max Larkin | Nov 28, 2019

State house News Service


Baker signed the bill alongside legislative leaders at Jamaica Plain's English High School, within Sen. Chang-Diaz's district.

Baker Signs $1.5 Billion Education Bill

By Chris Lisinski | Nov 27, 2019

The Boston Globe


Fulfilling the promise of public education as the great equalizer is our next big goal. Bay Staters believe in it. It’s a goal our constitution anchors us to. Now, that collective effort in advocating, crafting policy, and working together has given us a chance to deliver on it.

Op-Ed: School funding bill will change the game for disadvantaged students

By Sonia Chang-Díaz | Sep 30, 2019

The Boston Globe


“It’s a huge historical turning point for our state when you set it in the context of the last several decades,” said Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz, a Jamaica Plain Democrat and longtime proponent of many of the changes in the package.

Mass. Legislature sends Baker sweeping criminal justice bill

By Joshua Miller | Apr 04, 2018

State House News Service


Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, a Jamaica Plain Democrat, said Baker's proposed increase in aid to local school districts -- known as Chapter 70 aid -- in next year's budget is "just plain inadequate for the job."

Education Chair: Baker school aid "just plain inadequate"

By Katie Lannan | Jan 24, 2018

Jamaica Plain News


At the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast held in Boston, state Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz passionately called for the passing of a bill that would provide criminal justice reform.

Read: State Sen. Chang-Diaz’s Impassioned Speech for Criminal Justice Reform at MLK Day Breakfast

By David Ertischek | Jan 15, 2018

Bay State Banner


In 2017, the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus prioritized and pushed forward significant pieces of legislation....This year’s legislative session will see Caucus members continue the enactment of these bills and submit new policies that will improve the lives of residents of color.

Black and Latino legislators reflect and prepare for new year

By Karen Morales | Jan 05, 2018

Mission Hill Gazette


“I take the frustration and sadness from these meetings to push legislation through. There is very little that policy workers can do in the immediate term,” Chang-Diaz said. “The things I can do is push legislation through to prevent this five years from now. But I have to bring that pain and that fire to the hearts of legislators from other districts that don’t have this happen to their children.”

Community comes together after fatal shooting

By Emily Resnevic | Jan 05, 2018

Jamaica Plain News


State Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz fought hard for the bill to pass, particularly because she knows bilingualism is an essential skill for career growth, college readiness and to enable students to be competitive in the global economy.

Chang-Díaz ‘Thrilled’ by Governor’s Signing of Bilingual English Instruction Bill

By David Ertischek | Dec 11, 2017

Mission Hill Gazette


“This bill is a huge step forward for English language instruction in our Commonwealth,” said local state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, co-chair of the LOOK bill conference committee and Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Education, according to the press release.

State Legislature passes LOOK bill

By Peter Shanley | Dec 01, 2017

State House News


Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz called it "foolish and stubborn" to opt against even studying single-payer. "Even though I think the evidence is that single-payer is our best bet, this amendment does not presuppose that's right," the Jamaica Plain Democrat said.

Senate to revisit single payer plan that narrowly failed in 2012

By Katie Lannan | Nov 08, 2017

WGBH Greater Boston

News, Video/Media

Sen. Chang-Díaz tells Jim Braude why repealing mandatory minimums is critical to MA cj reform

Sen. Chang-Díaz discusses criminal justice reform

Nov 01, 2017

Jamaica Plain Gazette


Thanks to years of significant public pressure, the state legislature is now preparing to take action on criminal justice reform. This is a pivotal moment, and it may not come again for many years.

Pivotal moment for criminal justice reform

By Sonia Chang-Díaz | Oct 27, 2017


News, Video/Media

Sen. Chang-Díaz discusses the Senate's comprehensive criminal justice reform bill with Karen Holmes Ward.

Criminal Justice Reform at the State House

Oct 23, 2017



State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, D-Boston, said the hatred that is on display "is a concern that exists everywhere in America, and we're not immune to it in Boston, unfortunately."

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker: We stand by the Jewish community after Holocaust Memorial vandalism

By Shira Schoenberg | Aug 17, 2017

Dorchester Reporter


For Sen. Chang-Diaz, the juxtaposition of the racial violence in Charlottesville and the announcement of funding to house the Bay State’s vulnerable populations struck a chord.

State funds to help launch Dot, Mattapan housing projects

By Rowan Walrath | Aug 16, 2017

The Marshall Project


Sonia Chang-Diaz, a Democratic Massachusetts state senator who helped author a bill that would raise the state’s $250 threshold to $1,500, said property crimes were “most heavily driven by addiction.”

What's the punishment for theft? Depends on what state you're in

By Marella Gayla | Aug 11, 2017

Boston Magazine


“We view their work as a service to the entire state,” reads the letter, which was signed by City Councilors Annissa Essaibi George, Michelle Wu, Matt O’Malley, Ayanna Pressley, and Michael Flaherty, as well as state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz and state Rep. Elizabeth Malia.

TD Garden Has Agreed to Pay $1.65 Million After Teens’ Discovery

By Spencer Buell | Aug 03, 2017

State House News Service


Jamaica Plain Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz questioned Hodgson about his compliance with civil statutes.

Mass. legislators wrestle with bills tackling immigration law prosecution

By Andy Metzger | Jun 09, 2017

The Berkshire Eagle


A bill filed by state Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz would implement the recommendations of the Foundation Commission, and on Wednesday, the Pittsfield School Committee adopted a resolution supporting implementation of those recommendations.

Our Opinion: Funding formula is shortchanging state's schools

Apr 28, 2017



Taken together, the increases would bring the district's total spending to nearly $1.1 billion.

After Last Year's Cuts Hit Boston Schools, Relief Comes In Walsh's Latest Budget

By Max Larkin | Feb 01, 2017



Three months after being booed off the stage for a noncommittal stance on a bill protecting transgender people's rights in public places, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has signed compromise legislation.

Massachusetts transgender rights bill signed into law

By Shachar Peled | Jul 09, 2016



“We’ve been seeing increasing warning signs in recent years: accumulating school budget cuts, the fraying of the system that’s brought us so far since 1993, stagnant achievement gaps, growing social inequality,” said state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, D-Jamaica Plain, Senate co-chair of the group.

Commission says state underfunds schools

By Gerry Tuoti | Nov 03, 2015

Wicked Local


The state's 22-year-old school funding formula understates the true cost of public education by more than $1 billion annually, according to a group of lawmakers and education experts who unveiled a new plan Monday.

Commission says state underfunds schools by $1 billion

By Gerry Tuoti | Nov 02, 2015





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