Massachusetts Legislature enacts broad police reform bill; next hurdle is Gov. Charlie Baker’s veto pen

By Steph Solis | Dec 10, 2020

Lawmakers enacted legislation that creates a certification process for police officers, bans officers from racial profiling and using tear gas and limits qualified immunity for those stripped of their credentials for misconduct.

Boston Herald
Massachusetts lawmakers strike deal on landmark police reform bill

By Erin Tiernan | Dec 01, 2020

Lawmakers struck a deal on a long-stalled landmark police reform bill that would institute a certification system for officers.

Latin Post
COVID-19 Pandemic Pushes Debate Over Driver's Licenses for Undocumented Workers

By Madelaine D. | Nov 29, 2020

Sonia Chang-Diaz explained that allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses would increase job opportunities in the communities that are hardly hit by the pandemic.

The Bay State Banner
Activists push legislation as budget debate winds down

By Morgan C. Mullings | Nov 26, 2020

Debates on the Fiscal Year 2021 budget in each branch of the state Legislature have come to a close, and legislators are getting ready for conference committees to start deliberating on a final product.

Lawmakers Push DOC To Reduce Prisoners, Increase Testing Amid Pandemic

By Deborah Becker | Nov 20, 2020

State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz co-sponsored an amendment to the Senate budget that would require the DOC to routinely test prisoners throughout the pandemic.

Protest Held to Save MBTA Green Line's E Branch From Proposed Cuts

By Staff Reports | Nov 12, 2020

The MBTA's plan would also cut bus service, eliminate weekend Commuter Rail service and pause ferry service

State House News Service
State Equity Panel Focused On Data, Vaccine, Virus Spread Mitigation

By Katie Lannan | Oct 14, 2020

Data collection and reporting, vaccine distribution and funding for COVID-19 response initiatives are identified as "critical priorities" for the state to pursue.

Lowell Sun
Health equity ideas run into wall of state budget woes

By Chris Lisinski | Oct 08, 2020

The Health Equity Task Force was created by the Legislature under a bill Gov. Charlie Baker signed in June to address disparate health outcomes for underserved or underrepresented populations.

The Bay State Banner
Electeds join effort to save Melnea Cass trees

By Yawu Miller | Sep 16, 2020

Activists with Friends of Melnea Cass Boulevard gathered Monday with state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz and city councilors Kim Janey and Michelle Wu to call on city officials to revise their plans for the roadway.

Interest groups make final push to sway Massachusetts lawmakers negotiating police reform bill

By Steph Solis | Aug 03, 2020

While law enforcement officials say the bills are too extreme, civil rights advocates argue the bills don’t go far enough.

CommonWealth Magazine
6 lawmakers named to conference committee on police reform

By Sarah Betancourt | Jul 27, 2020

Springfield Democrat Rep. Carlos Gonzalez, who chairs the Black and Latino Legislative Caucus, will be joined by Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz of Jamaica Plain, who is the sole member of the caucus in the Senate.

Massachusetts police chiefs issue blistering opposition to sweeping police reform bill

By Chris Lisinski | Jul 22, 2020

Under the wide-ranging bill, Massachusetts would implement a new certification system for police under the watch of a commission -- constructed differently in the House and Senate proposals -- that could revoke officers' certifications.

WGBH - Boston Public Radio
Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz Discusses Mass. Senate's Police Reform Bill

By Arjun Singh | Jul 15, 2020

Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz said the goal of the bill is to address three different areas: police misconduct, aggressive policing, and racism.

Lowell Sun
Qualified Immunity a Sticking Point in Senate's Police Reform Bill

By Erin Tierney | Jul 10, 2020

State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz said the bill is “one step” toward erasing the “racial injustices that permeate every aspect of our lives.”

Massachusetts Senate’s police reform bill held up due to concerns that it didn’t undergo public hearing

By Steph Solis | Jul 09, 2020

The move to table the bill drew criticism from Senate Ways and Means Chairman Michael Rodrigues, who said several components of the omnibus bill had public hearings when they were filed as stand-alone bills.

NBC10 Boston
Mass. Lawmakers Deliberate Bill on Police Reform

By Sam Doran and Diane Cho | Jul 09, 2020

Senate lawmakers on Beacon Hill deliberated police reform legislation Thursday that, as one Massachusetts senator says, aims to fight racism and reduce police misconduct. State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz says the bill would shift from force and punishment to de-escalation and helping.

The Bay State Banner
Prison advocates push for family access

By Jean Trounstine | Jul 09, 2020

Justice advocates, prisoners and families of those incarcerated are speaking out about bills to expand visitation rights, offer free phone calls, improve the Parole Board and decarcerate prisons and houses of correction in Massachusetts.

WHDH 7 News Boston
State senators discuss parameters of bill that would require certification for police

Jul 09, 2020

Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz said she felt a mix of grief and pride in the sweeping bill to institute police reform and fight racism.

Bay State Banner
Senate police reform bill takes aim at profiling, use of force

By Morgan C. Mullings and Yawu Miller | Jul 06, 2020

Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, who co-chaired the Senate working group with Sen. William Brownsberger, said the measures would make police more accountable to the communities they’re charged with serving.

State House News Service
Mass. Senate Leaders Propose Sweeping Police Reforms

By Katie Lannan | Jul 06, 2020

"Everything that's in this bill is a priority," Chang-Diaz said.

State senate unveils police reform, racial equity legislation

Jul 06, 2020

Lawmakers along with leaders from the NAACP and ACLU gathered Monday morning outside the Massachusetts State House to announce a sweeping piece of police reform and racial equity legislation.

Massachusetts COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force starts to take shape ahead of June 30 deadline

By Steph Solis | Jun 23, 2020

The task force is required to make recommendations on improving safety for at-risk populations, removing barriers to health care services and treatment, increasing access to medical supplies and COVID-19 testing, and more.

CBS Boston
Massachusetts Lawmakers Weigh Banning Police Chokeholds

Jun 13, 2020

A bill introduced this week would include new standards for police conduct, end what the bill’s sponsors call dehumanizing police practices and add public accountability.

Massachusetts Democrats, Gov. Charlie Baker respond to calls for racial equity from minority lawmakers, protesters in wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody

By Steph Solis | Jun 11, 2020

Senate President Karen Spilka announced the creation of a racial justice advisory group led by Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, a BLLC member.

Framingham Source
Senate President Spilka Forms Senate Advisory Group on Racial Justice

Jun 10, 2020

The Advisory Group will be chaired by Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz, a member of the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus.

Jamaica Plain News
Elected Officials of Color Present 10-Point Plan to Combat Systemic Racism in Policing & Police Brutality

By David Ertischek | Jun 04, 2020

State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz was among elected officials of color to speak at a press conference on Tuesday outside of the State House.
state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, and state Rep. Nika Elugardo were among elected officials of color to speak at a press conference on Tuesday outside of the State House

By Nik DeCosta-Klipa | Jun 03, 2020

“We ask you to stand with us and actively fight for these proposals to protect men and women of color — many of which we’ve tried to move for years,” Chang-Diaz said.

Should lawmakers get to visit jails during coronavirus pandemic? Bristol County sheriff, lawmakers at odds over visitation restrictions

By Steph Solis | May 05, 2020

After talking it over with family members, Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz drove to the Bristol County House of Correction Saturday morning for an unannounced visit.

Jamaica Plain News
State Law Puts Moratorium on Evictions, Foreclosures During COVID-19 Emergency

By David Ertischek | Apr 23, 2020

Local state representatives were championed for guiding a new state law that puts a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Boston Globe
Mass. Legislature must protect low-income and minority populations from coronavirus

By Sonia Chang-Díaz, Maria Robinson, and Liz Miranda | Apr 15, 2020

If we’re waiting for consensus, we’re waiting too long. Consensus is a luxury for politicians that poor and minority residents can’t afford.

Baker Signs First Major School Funding Overhaul Since 1993

By Max Larkin | Nov 28, 2019

Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz on the Student Opportunities Act, which is the first major overhaul of school funding in more than 25 years.

Baker Signs First Major School Funding Overhaul Since 1993

By Paris Alston and Tiziana Dearing | Nov 28, 2019

We speak to WBUR Edify Reporter Max Larkin and state Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz about the Student Opportunities Act, which is the first major overhaul of school funding in more than 25 years.

State house News Service
Baker Signs $1.5 Billion Education Bill

By Chris Lisinski | Nov 27, 2019

Baker signed the bill alongside legislative leaders at Jamaica Plain's English High School, within Sen. Chang-Diaz's district.

The Boston Globe
Fair school funding was worth the yearslong fight

By Adrian Walker | Nov 20, 2019

The bill gives more money to districts with large concentrations of students in poverty and students of color. It also gives the state approval over how individual districts spend their newfound cash.

Massachusetts Senate passes $1.5 billion education funding bill after lengthy debate

By Shira Schoenberg | Oct 03, 2019

Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz said, “This bill stands as our commitment that, in Massachusetts, zip code must not be destiny.”

The Boston Globe
Op-Ed: School funding bill will change the game for disadvantaged students

By Sonia Chang-Díaz | Sep 30, 2019

Fulfilling the promise of public education as the great equalizer is our next big goal. Bay Staters believe in it. It’s a goal our constitution anchors us to. Now, that collective effort in advocating, crafting policy, and working together has given us a chance to deliver on it.

Boston Globe
School funding bill will change the game for disadvantaged students

By Sonia Chang-Díaz | Sep 29, 2019

We are standing on the precipice of an enduring, generational change in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts lawmakers consider bills to update state gun laws

By Shira Schoenberg | Aug 28, 2019

Chang-Diaz said measures like those are necessary to address urban street violence. She noted that mass shootings, especially those involving middle-class white children, make headlines.

Boston Globe
To boost equity, give public loans to pot startups

By Editorial Board | May 16, 2019

Chang-Díaz’s amendment is a step in the right direction — it would move Massachusetts closer to reaching its goal of a truly equitable cannabis industry.

Energy News Network
Massachusetts bill would restore net metering rate for community solar

By Sarah Shemkus | Apr 25, 2019

“I want to fix it because it is just plain unfair,” said state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, the bill’s sponsor in the Senate.

State House News Service
Family Separations Spur Massive Rally, Trump Issues New Order

By Matt Murphy and Colin A. Young | Jun 20, 2018

Chang-Diaz said someday she will try to explain to her son what happened during this period. "It's a day and a set of weeks that I was ashamed of my country," Chang-Diaz said.

State House News Service
‘Red flag’ gun access bill easily clears Mass. Senate

By Katie Lannan | Jun 07, 2018

Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, D-Boston, told her colleagues that if they think the inconvenience of limiting individuals to purchasing no more than 15 firearms a year is too much, then she would invite them to join her at the next funeral of a teen in her district.

The Boston Globe
Mass. Legislature sends Baker sweeping criminal justice bill

By Joshua Miller | Apr 04, 2018

“It’s a huge historical turning point for our state when you set it in the context of the last several decades,” said Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz, a Jamaica Plain Democrat and longtime proponent of many of the changes in the package.

Boston Globe
For MassMutual, a big tax break for a short move

By Tim Logan | Feb 24, 2018

The state also could do more to track the effectiveness of the many tax credit programs it has, said state Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz. Business tax credits have their place, she said, but too often they’re little more than a giveaway to companies that would have grown here anyway.

State House News Service
Education Chair: Baker school aid "just plain inadequate"

By Katie Lannan | Jan 24, 2018

Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, a Jamaica Plain Democrat, said Baker's proposed increase in aid to local school districts -- known as Chapter 70 aid -- in next year's budget is "just plain inadequate for the job."

Jamaica Plain News
Read: State Sen. Chang-Diaz’s Impassioned Speech for Criminal Justice Reform at MLK Day Breakfast

By David Ertischek | Jan 15, 2018

At the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast held in Boston, state Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz passionately called for the passing of a bill that would provide criminal justice reform.

Bay State Banner
Black and Latino legislators reflect and prepare for new year

By Karen Morales | Jan 05, 2018

In 2017, the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus prioritized and pushed forward significant pieces of legislation....This year’s legislative session will see Caucus members continue the enactment of these bills and submit new policies that will improve the lives of residents of color.

Mission Hill Gazette
Community comes together after fatal shooting

By Emily Resnevic | Jan 05, 2018

“I take the frustration and sadness from these meetings to push legislation through. There is very little that policy workers can do in the immediate term,” Chang-Diaz said. “The things I can do is push legislation through to prevent this five years from now. But I have to bring that pain and that fire to the hearts of legislators from other districts that don’t have this happen to their children.”

Jamaica Plain News
Chang-Díaz ‘Thrilled’ by Governor’s Signing of Bilingual English Instruction Bill

By David Ertischek | Dec 11, 2017

State Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz fought hard for the bill to pass, particularly because she knows bilingualism is an essential skill for career growth, college readiness and to enable students to be competitive in the global economy.

Mission Hill Gazette
State Legislature passes LOOK bill

By Peter Shanley | Dec 01, 2017

“This bill is a huge step forward for English language instruction in our Commonwealth,” said local state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, co-chair of the LOOK bill conference committee and Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Education, according to the press release.





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