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  • Profiteers and the ultra-wealthy have dominated power in the Massachusetts statehouse for too long. We're proud to back the only gubernatorial candidate who will fight against these monied interests and for the multiracial working class. Sonia Chang-Díaz will govern alongside us to ensure everyday people are put first.

    - Brooke Adams, People’s Action Movement Politics Director
  • Our members see themselves in Sonia, in her fight, in her story, in her vision. She earned our trust by being with us in the trenches. We knew we could always count on her, not just to fight for us, but to listen and work together. We are very excited, and inspired by her candidacy for Governor and what her leadership could do for working families across the state.

    - Eliud Alcala, Chair of the Neighbor to Neighbor Action Fund

State Elected Officials

  • I’ve seen Sonia’s leadership in the State Senate, and I know just how effective she is at achieving results. She not only has the vision we need in our next Governor, but the track record of delivering for Massachusetts families on issues ranging from education reform, to criminal justice reform, to affordable housing, to public transit, and more. Sonia not only fights for bold changes, but she also delivers. She’s the Governor we need.

    - Adam Gomez, MA State Senator, Hampden
  • Sonia has repeatedly delivered results for Massachusetts residents, especially when it matters most. A lot of people are strong in terms of their beliefs, their values, their rhetoric. But actions broadcast the true strength of a leader — and Sonia has consistently stood up for what is just and for the structural changes that give every person in our Commonwealth a better life. She leads with brilliance and with heart, and, like all great leaders, puts the interests of the people before her own.

    - Nika Elugardo, MA State Representative, 15th Suffolk
  • Jamie Eldridge,
    MA State Senator, Middlesex and Worcester
  • Edward J. Kennedy,
    MA State Senator, 1st Middlesex District
  • Felix D. Arroyo,
    Register of Probate for Suffolk County
  • Marcos Devers,
    MA State Representative, 16th Essex
  • Carmine Gentile,
    MA State Representative, 13th Middlesex District
  • Natalie Higgins,
    MA State Representative, 4th Worcester
  • Mary Keefe,
    MA State Representative, 15th Worcester
  • Liz Miranda,
    MA State Representative, 5th Suffolk
  • Becca Rausch,
    MA State Senator, Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex
  • Maria Robinson,
    MA State Representative, 6th Middlesex
  • Lindsay Sabadosa,
    MA State Representative, 1st Hampshire
  • Danillo Sena,
    MA State Representative, 37th Middlesex

Local Elected Officials

  • I am proud to endorse Sonia Chang-Diaz for Governor because I know that she’ll deliver real, transformative change for Western Massachusetts and our entire state. Sonia not only has the vision, but also the proven track record of achieving results that we need in our next Governor.

    - Helen Moon, Pittsfield City Councilor
  • Ricardo Arroyo,
    Boston City Councilor
  • Zac Bears,
    Medford City Councilor
  • Willie Burnley Jr.,
    Somerville City Councilor
  • Dylan Clark,
    Barre Select Board Member
  • Marissa Elkins,
    Northampton City Councilor
  • Kendra Lara,
    Boston City Councilor
  • Raul Fernandez,
    Vice Chair, Brookline Select Board
  • Homar Gomez,
    Easthampton City Councilor
  • Jesse Gordon,
    Randolph City Councilor
  • Jamila Gore,
    Northampton City Councilor
  • Charlotte Kelly,
    Somerville City Councilor
  • Jesse Lederman,
    Springfield City Councilor
  • David Martin,
    Chair, Acton Select Board
  • Julia Mejia,
    Boston City Councilor
  • Nicole Morell,
    Medford City Councilor
  • Marcus Nelson,
    Needham Select Board
  • Thu Nguyen,
    Worcester City Councilor
  • Vivian Nguyen,
    Everett City Councilor
  • Jonathan Paz,
    Waltham City Councilor
  • Samantha Perlman,
    Marlborough City Councilor
  • Rev. Dr. Sarai Rivera,
    Worcester City Councilor
  • Patrick Sheridan,
    Franklin Town Councilor
  • Justin Tseng,
    Medford City Councilor
  • Quinton Zondervan,
    Cambridge City Councilor

School Committee Members

  • Thanks to Sonia’s steadfast leadership and fearless advocacy, generations of Massachusetts kids are going to get the resources they need for a quality education. Even when education funding reform looked unlikely, Sonia never wavered. Instead, she came together with educators, parents, and students from every community in our state, heard and amplified our voices, and led the fight for all our kids. She’s already shown what real change looks like, and a Chang-Díaz administration will deliver it for all of us.

    - Tracy Novick, Worcester School Committee Member
  • Isabelle Alera,
    Leominster School Committee Member
  • Ben Bloomenthal,
    Acton-Boxborough School Committee Member
  • Jonathan Guzman,
    Lawrence School Committee Member
  • Peter Haigis,
    Leominster School Committee Member
  • Ilana Krepchin,
    Somerville School Committee Member
  • Nick Lazzaro,
    Millbury School Committee Member
  • Andrew Lipsett,
    Woburn School Committee Member
  • Tamika Olszewski,
    Newton School Committee Chair-Elect
  • Brandon Robbins,
    Leominster School Committee Member
  • Paul Ruseau,
    Medford School Committee Member