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  • When we think of the big achievements of our Legislature from the past five years, the bills that were far-reaching and agenda-setting, they have one thing in common: Sonia Chang-Díaz. She has been a leader in the fights to ensure that members of the trans community are able to exist in public life with full respect and access, to reform our criminal legal system, to update our decades-old education funding formula to help close deep inequities, and to strengthen police accountability. And we know Sonia doesn't only fight: she wins. And she does so by building coalitions both inside and outside the Legislature and by listening to the voices of those most impacted. But she has been more than just a legislator. She brings the experience of a former teacher and a working parent, ready to roll up her sleeves to invest in our commonwealth to make it a better place for current and future generations.

    - Jonathan Cohn, Progressive Mass Policy Director
  • “Senator Chang-Díaz’s experience in public education and her unwavering commitment to voting rights, criminal justice reform, and investment in public education has demonstrated a people-first approach to her leadership, with her constituents at the forefront of all legislative decisions. Senator Chang-Díaz's historic gubernatorial race is one way to ensure our historically underrepresented community has a say in democracy. As we saw in the 2020 election with record-high AAPI voter turnout and in 2021 when Boston elected their first Asian American mayor, AAPIs are making historical strides in Massachusetts. With a more than 40% increase in the state’s AAPI population, the AAPI vote could easily become the margin of victory in key races throughout the state.”

    - Brad Jenkins, AAPI Victory Fund President and CEO
  • Our Revolution Massachusetts
  • People's Action
  • Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts Action Fund

State Elected Officials

  • I’ve seen Sonia’s leadership in the State Senate, and I know just how effective she is at achieving results. She not only has the vision we need in our next Governor, but the track record of delivering for Massachusetts families on issues ranging from education reform, to criminal justice reform, to affordable housing, to public transit, and more. Sonia not only fights for bold changes, but she also delivers. She’s the Governor we need.

    - Adam Gomez, MA State Senator, Hampden
  • Sonia has repeatedly delivered results for Massachusetts residents, especially when it matters most. A lot of people are strong in terms of their beliefs, their values, their rhetoric. But actions broadcast the true strength of a leader — and Sonia has consistently stood up for what is just and for the structural changes that give every person in our Commonwealth a better life. She leads with brilliance and with heart, and, like all great leaders, puts the interests of the people before her own.

    - Nika Elugardo, MA State Representative, 15th Suffolk
  • Jamie Eldridge,
    MA State Senator, Middlesex and Worcester
  • Edward J. Kennedy,
    MA State Senator, 1st Middlesex District
  • Felix D. Arroyo,
    Register of Probate for Suffolk County
  • Marcos Devers,
    MA State Representative, 16th Essex
  • Carmine Gentile,
    MA State Representative, 13th Middlesex District
  • Natalie Higgins,
    MA State Representative, 4th Worcester
  • Russell Holmes,
    MA State Representative, 6th Suffolk
  • Mary Keefe,
    MA State Representative, 15th Worcester
  • Liz Miranda,
    MA State Representative, 5th Suffolk
  • Steve Owens,
    MA State Representative, 29th Middlesex
  • Maria Robinson,
    MA State Representative, 6th Middlesex
  • Lindsay Sabadosa,
    MA State Representative, 1st Hampshire
  • Danillo Sena,
    MA State Representative, 37th Middlesex

Local Elected Officials

  • I am proud to endorse Sonia Chang-Diaz for Governor because I know that she’ll deliver real, transformative change for Western Massachusetts and our entire state. Sonia not only has the vision, but also the proven track record of achieving results that we need in our next Governor.

    - Helen Moon, Pittsfield City Councilor
  • Coco Alinsug,
    Lynn City Councilor
  • Ricardo Arroyo,
    Boston City Councilor
  • Caroline Bays,
    Watertown City Councilor
  • Zac Bears,
    Medford City Councilor
  • Shane Burgo,
    New Bedford City Councilor
  • Willie Burnley Jr.,
    Somerville City Councilor
  • Dylan Clark,
    Barre Select Board Member
  • Jesse Clingan,
    Somerville City Councilor
  • Maria De la Cruz,
    Lawrence City Councilor
  • Marissa Elkins,
    Northampton City Councilor
  • Ben Ewen-Campen,
    Somerville City Councilor
  • Raul Fernandez,
    Vice Chair, Brookline Select Board
  • Paul Glavey,
    Littleton Select Board Member
  • Homar Gomez,
    Easthampton City Councilor
  • Jesse Gordon,
    Randolph City Councilor
  • Jamila Gore,
    Northampton City Councilor
  • Justin Hurst,
    Springfield City Councilor
  • Tom Hendrickson,
    Agawam City Councilor
  • Charlotte Kelly,
    Somerville City Councilor
  • Tristan LaLiberte,
    Auburn Select Board Member
  • Kendra Lara,
    Boston City Councilor
  • Jesse Lederman,
    Springfield City Councilor
  • Ruthzee Louijeune,
    Boston City Councilor
  • Rachel Maoire,
    Northampton City Councilor
  • David Martin,
    Chair, Acton Select Board
  • Julia Mejia,
    Boston City Councilor
  • Nicole Morell,
    Medford City Councilor
  • Himaja Najireddy,
    Acton Select Board Member
  • Marcus Nelson,
    Needham Select Board
  • Thu Nguyen,
    Worcester City Councilor
  • Vivian Nguyen,
    Everett City Councilor
  • Garrick Perry,
    Northampton City Councilor
  • Tony Palomba,
    Watertown City Councilor
  • Jonathan Paz,
    Waltham City Councilor
  • Samantha Perlman,
    Marlborough City Councilor
  • Rev. Dr. Sarai Rivera,
    Worcester City Councilor
  • Izzy Rivera,
    Holyoke City Councilor
  • JT Scott,
    Somerville City Councilor
  • Patrick Sheridan,
    Franklin Town Councilor
  • Justin Tseng,
    Medford City Councilor
  • Damali Vidot,
    Chelsea City Councilor
  • Laura Wagner,
    Marlborough City Councilor
  • Ty Waterman,
    Attleboro City Councilor
  • Ryan Williams,
    Melrose City Councilor
  • Jake Wilson,
    Somerville City Councilor
  • Quinton Zondervan,
    Cambridge City Councilor

School Committee Members

  • Thanks to Sonia’s steadfast leadership and fearless advocacy, generations of Massachusetts kids are going to get the resources they need for a quality education. Even when education funding reform looked unlikely, Sonia never wavered. Instead, she came together with educators, parents, and students from every community in our state, heard and amplified our voices, and led the fight for all our kids. She’s already shown what real change looks like, and a Chang-Díaz administration will deliver it for all of us.

    - Tracy Novick, Worcester School Committee Member
  • Joshua Alba,
    Lawrence School Committee Member
  • Isabelle Alera,
    Leominster School Committee Member
  • Bobby Bailey,
    School Committee Member, Fall River
  • Kelly Cobb-Lemire,
    Braintree School Committee Member
  • Paul Desmond,
    Northborough-Southborough School Committee Member
  • Jonathan Guzman,
    Lawrence School Committee Member
  • Peter Haigis,
    Leominster School Committee Member
  • Denise Hurst,
    Springfield School Committee Member
  • Ilana Krepchin,
    Somerville School Committee Member
  • Nick Lazzaro,
    Millbury School Committee Member
  • Dina Levi,
    Northampton School Committee Member
  • Andrew Lipsett,
    Woburn School Committee Member
  • Tiffany Magnolia,
    Lynn School Committee Member
  • Andrew Murch,
    Southbridge School Committee Member
  • Tamika Olszewski,
    Newton School Committee Chair-Elect
  • Brandon Robbins,
    Leominster School Committee Member
  • Paul Ruseau,
    Medford School Committee Member
  • Denise Spencer,
    Franklin School Committee Member
  • Lenin Roa,
    Lawrence School Committee Member
  • Tony Rodrigues,
    Brockton School Committee Member
  • Emily Serafy-Cox,
    Northampton School Committee Member
  • Vicky Smith,
    Pittsfield School Committee Member

Community Leaders

  • Sonia is a courageous leader who will move Massachusetts decisively forward in the fight against climate change. We need a governor like Sonia to shift us to clean electricity, break free from the stranglehold of fossil fuels, catch up on renewable energies, and build an equitable economy. Sonia has excellent plans, laid out paragraph by paragraph, and the experience to deliver them.

    - Bob Massie, longtime climate leader and former candidate for Governor
  • Malia Lazu,
    Entrepreneur and racial justice advocate from Boston
  • Hodan Hashi,
    Co-Founder of Black Boston, Inc.
  • Colette Phillips,
    CEO, GetKonnected
  • Maria Elena Letona,
    Former Executive Director, Neighbor to Neighbor
  • Shaleen Title,
    Social justice advocate and former Cannabis Control Commissioner
  • Diana Hwang,
    Founder, Asian-American Women's Political Initiative
  • Miren Uriarte,
    Founder and Professor, The Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy
  • Tanisha Arena,
    Community Leader in Springfield
  • Lezlie Braxton Campbell,
    Community Leader in Springfield
  • Sana Fadel,
    Advocate and community leader from Newton
  • Helina Fontes,
    Community leader from Lynn
  • Nate Bae Kupel,
    Community leader from Malden
  • Jean-Luc Pierite,
    Indigenous Community Leader from Boston
  • Saritin Rizzuto,
    Community leader from Wakefield
  • Nicole Eigbrett,
    Community advocate from Somerville
  • Ann Berwick,
    former Chair of the Department of Public Utilities
  • Dálida Rocha,
    Executive Director of Renew US
  • Philip Warburg,
    Former president of the Conservation Law Fund
  • Stacy Thompson,
    Executive Director of Livable Streets
  • Claire Miller,
    Founder and co-coordinator of the Mass Power Forward coalition
  • Don Berwick,
    President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement; Former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Jim Aloise,
    former Transportation Secretary of the Commonwealth
  • Jay Kaufman,
    former 15th Middlesex State Representative