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Over a dozen more Massachusetts officials back Sonia Chang-Díaz for Governor

Press ReleaseJan 12, 2022

BOSTON, MA - State Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz announced 13 new endorsements from state and local officials in her campaign for Massachusetts Governor today. The new endorsers join a growing group of elected leaders and progressive organizations who are throwing their weight behind Chang-Díaz’s candidacy.

These 13 new endorsers bring her campaign to 50 endorsements from elected officials, including state lawmakers, city councilors, and school committee members hailing from across the state. Chang-Díaz has also earned the endorsements of the national progressive group People’s Action and statewide grassroots organization Neighbor to Neighbor, which has thousands of members in chapters across the state.

“Fifty elected officials and progressive organizations are backing Sonia because she’s building strong partnerships with local leaders across the state,” said Joshua Wolfsun, Chang-Díaz’s Acting Campaign Manager. “Sonia’s taken on — and won — tough fights throughout her whole career, and she knows that to win real change, the next governor of Massachusetts can’t take any Bay Staters for granted. That’s why she’s building a coalition in every community across the Commonwealth.”

Chang-Díaz, who entered the Governor’s race in June, is known on Beacon Hill for her work passing major progressive reforms, including $1.5 billion in progressive education funding, criminal justice reform, and LGBTQ equal rights legislation. She was elected Massachusetts’ first Latina and Asian American State Senator in 2008.

The new slate of endorsers praised Chang-Díaz for her work on Beacon Hill to win progressive change with an eye towards equity and for her willingness to engage her campaign across the state.

“Sonia Chang-Díaz has the experience, vision, and political courage Massachusetts needs in our next governor,” said State Representative Marcos Devers of Lawrence. I’ve been proud to partner with her in the State House and the Black and Latino Legislative Caucus to tackle our state’s most pressing issues. Sonia didn’t wait around to take on hard fights like the Student Opportunity Act, and she’s not waiting around now—she’s putting in the work in communities across the state to earn people’s support and build a grassroots coalition.”

“I’m endorsing Sonia Chang-Díaz because she understands that there is a cost to inaction, and she has the progressive visions and plans to create a Massachusetts that works for each and every one of us,” said Medford City Councilor Justin Tseng. “She does her homework, she’s not afraid to speak truth to power, and she is the ally that communities like Medford need in the Governor’s office.”

“From her first days in the senate, Sonia has demonstrated over and over again a real commitment to urgently needed criminal law and social justice reform,” said Northampton City Councilor Marissa Elkins. “More importantly, she is effective - delivering tangible, progressive change with these and other priorities such as equity in housing, the cannabis industry, and education. Sonia is the partner Western Massachusetts and all of the Commonwealth needs in the corner office to bring transformative change to every community and meaningful results to every family.”

“Sonia Chang-Díaz fully embodies the authenticity and accountability we need in the next Governor of Massachusetts,” said Needham Select Board Member Marcus Nelson. “She has proven this time after time with her leadership on Criminal Justice Reform, the Promise Act, and her Green New Deal. Rather than wait for progress to happen by chance, she demands it. Chang-Díaz holds herself to the same high standards that she asks of her colleagues in the Massachusetts Senate, and consistently goes above and beyond for her constituents. Her genuine concern and care for the communities that make up our great Commonwealth, especially those among us that are often overlooked and underrepresented, is sure to unite Massachusetts and create a stronger ‘us.’”

"Our Commonwealth needs a governor who will match aspirations with actions to make Massachusetts’ progressive reputation a reality,” said Somerville City Councilor Willie Burnley, Jr. “Sonia Chang-Díaz has shown that by partnering with our movements for justice, she can do just that. With so many critical needs on the line for our communities, Sonia has earned my support by promising to stand with and use her power for our neighbors rather than to empower a status quo that isn’t working for working families."

The slate of new endorsers includes:

  • Marcos Devers, State Representative, 16th Essex

  • Kendra Lara, Boston City Councilor

  • Thu Nguyen, Worcester City Councilor

  • Jesse Gordon, Randolph City Councilor

  • Dylan Clark, Barre Select Board Member

  • Marissa Elkins, Northampton City Councilor

  • Marcus Nelson, Needham Select Board Member

  • Justin Tseng, Medford City Councilor

  • Vivian Nguyen, Everett City Councilor

  • Willie Burnley, Jr., Somerville City Councilor

  • Charlotte Kelly, Somerville City Councilor

  • Nick Lazzaro, Millbury School Committee Member

  • Ilana Krepchin, Somerville School Committee Member