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Sonia launches her campaign for governor

RemarksJun 23, 2021

State Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz declared her candidacy for Governor of Massachusetts on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. Sonia started her run with a full schedule of stops across Massachusetts, culminating in a campaign kick-off with supporters on Wednesday afternoon. Watch Sonia’s remarks from the campaign kick-off below (or read her full remarks here).

Why I'm running for Governor

I’m Sonia Chang-Díaz. I’m a mom, a former public school teacher, a state senator, a grassroots organizer. I’m tired of waiting for government to live up to our hopes and our families’ needs. That’s why I’m running for Governor of Massachusetts.

How our government can do better

We have a government full of powerful people, most especially our governor, who are convinced that government can afford to go small. And for some of them, that might be true, because the people that they personally know are doing just fine.

But the status quo doesn’t work for everyone.

How we can win big for our families and communities

The truth is we do have the power to win big for our families and our communities if we organize together.

How we win bold, transformative change

Bold, transformative, change is possible. We just need to stand together, see each other’s fights as our own, and stop putting people in charge who are more concerned with holding onto power than doing something with it.

As we emerge from this pandemic, we have a choice: we can go back to the status quo, or we can run towards problems with the urgency and determination needed to solve them.

There's no mystical perfect time, no magical politician who will wave a wand and get it all done. The time is now, and we are, indeed, the ones we've been waiting for.

Read Sonia's full remarks