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Sen. Chang-Díaz calls for “new chapter, with new leadership” as Baker says he won’t seek a third term

Press ReleaseDec 1, 2021

BOSTON, MA - Massachusetts State Senator and candidate for Governor Sonia Chang-Díaz released the following statement in response to Governor Baker’s announcement that he would not seek a third term as Governor:

"The people of Massachusetts are ready for a new chapter with new leadership. For far too long, people in power have asked working families to wait for change — despite a growing affordable housing crisis, inaccessible and expensive child and health care, the existential threat of climate change, and long-standing racial injustice. In 2022, our next Governor must be someone willing to take on challenges even when they’re hard — who recognizes the urgency of this moment, who tackles these issues with the courage to solve them, and who has a record of winning bold, systemic change on Beacon Hill. I’m proud to be building a grassroots movement across age, class, and faith to put power back in the hands of the people and to elect a governor who's not afraid to fight for our values."