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Top Massachusetts climate leaders endorse Sonia Chang-Díaz for Governor

Press ReleaseApr 21, 2022

BOSTON, MA - Seven of Massachusetts’ top climate policy makers, experts, and advocates are personally endorsing State Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz in her campaign for Governor of Massachusetts. 

The new endorsers include former candidate for Governor and climate leader Bob Massie, former chair of the Department of Public Utilities under Gov. Deval Patrick Ann Berwick, Executive Director of Renew US Dálida Rocha, former President of the Conservation Law Fund Philip Warburg, Executive Director of Alternatives for Community and Environment Dwaign Tyndal, Executive Director of Livable Streets Stacy Thompson, and Founder and Co-Coordinator of the Mass Power Forward Coalition Claire Miller.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of these champions for climate action and environmental justice,” said Chang-Díaz. “We have the natural resources and technology to win the fight against climate change and create tens of thousands of new, good-paying jobs. We just need the political courage and leadership to pass a Green New Deal that meets this moment across our sectors, including expanding public transportation, eliminating building emissions, ending new fossil fuel infrastructure, and putting communities of color and low-income communities at the front of the line for the benefits of these new industries.”

"Sonia is a courageous leader who will move Massachusetts decisively forward in the fight against climate change,” said Bob Massie, a longtime climate leader. “We need a governor like Sonia to shift us to clean electricity, break free from the stranglehold of fossil fuels, catch up on renewable energies, and build an equitable economy. Sonia has excellent plans, laid out paragraph by paragraph, and the experience to deliver them."

“Sonia is not afraid to take on enormous challenges, and that is what we need in the face of a dramatically changing climate and the imperative of transforming our energy regime,” said Ann Berwick, former Chair of the Department of Public Utilities under Gov. Deval Patrick. “This is not just about energy, but also about our children's health and creating a modern, green economy. Sonia is exactly the Governor we need.”

"It's time to move from just imagining a Massachusetts we know is possible to actually creating it,” said Dálida Rocha, Executive Director of Renew US. “We must be bold in our approach to climate change-which means we must prioritize those who have been disproportionately impacted by it. Indigenous Tribes, Black and Brown communities and immigrants are experts when it comes to bold solutions because they know far too well the devastating impacts of climate change. Sonia Chang-Díaz has a track record of bringing the voices of the unheard to the forefront and I know when it comes to addressing climate change it will be the same. I proudly endorse Sonia Chang-Díaz for Governor of Massachusetts.”

"Sonia is the Climate Governor that Massachusetts needs,” said Philip Warburg, former president of the Conservation Law Fund. “Transitioning our economy to renewable energy will not be a simple or easy undertaking, and Sonia has the experience and track record to guide our state at this critical juncture. She will ensure that the benefits of healthy buildings, clean energy jobs, and affordable public transit reach all segments of our population."

“Tackling our climate crisis will require bold leadership and honesty about environmental racism and what true climate justice looks like,” said Dwaign Tyndal, Executive Director of Alternatives for Community & Environment. “Sonia has been a steadfast champion for transformational change and has delivered it over and over again in the Legislature. It’s clear she’s the leader we need in Massachusetts to meet this moment, and I’m proud to endorse her for Governor.”

“Sonia’s vision will transform our commutes, our economy, and our health,” said Stacy Thompson, Executive Director of Livable Streets. “Her Green New Deal is the plan we need — from electrifying our public transit system to advancing state-wide transit equity and investing in tens of thousands of green jobs.”

“We need leaders who won’t be afraid to take on fossil fuel interests and who will prioritize environmental justice not just in word, but in action,” said Claire Miller, founder and co-coordinator of the Mass Power Forward coalition. “Sonia has a long record of taking on and winning tough fights even when they’re not politically convenient. She’s exactly who we need in the corner office, and I’m proud to endorse her candidacy for Governor.”

All of the climate leaders backed Sonia in their personal capacity, not as representatives of their organizations. 

Chang-Díaz released her platform for a Green New Deal for Massachusetts in December, which includes a sweeping and rapid approach to combating the climate crisis at the state level. The plan includes benchmarks to meet all of Massachusetts’ electricity needs with 100% renewable, carbon-free energy by 2030; eliminate all carbon emissions from new buildings by 2030 and transition existing buildings to become zero-carbon by 2045; and expand, electrify, and make fare-free public transit systems across the state, including establishing East-West rail and robust regional transit networks. 

The plan also details that the Chang-Díaz Administration will immediately remove fares on all MBTA and RTA buses in its first budget, halt the purchase of any new fossil fuel-powered buses, and produce and execute plans for full MBTA bus fleet electrification by 2030 and full electrification of the RTA system and Commuter Rail by 2040, with three Commuter Rail lines electrified within the first three years of her administration.

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